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Tax Consultancy

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Our team of tax experts provide advice and assistance in fulfilling both businesses’ and individuals’ general tax obligations. In addition to assisting our clients in preparing and filing tax returns, we recommend strategies to help clients reduce or eliminate tax liabilities. In addition to the above, we help clients plan for the future by creating a tax plan for upcoming years.

Some of the activities carried out by our team of tax experts include:

Minimizing Taxes: Our expert tax consultants research tax laws to identify opportunities for minimizing your tax liabilities. We’ll help you legally reduce the amount you owe.
Penalty Reduction: If you’ve faced penalties in the past, we’ll assist in reducing them. Whether it’s through an offer in compromise or an installment agreement, we’ve got you covered.
Payment Arrangements: Need help with payment arrangements? We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you meet your tax obligations smoothly.
Strategic Tax Planning: Our consultants analyze different tax scenarios, helping you determine the best tax strategy. We’ll advise on timing income or deductions at year-end.
Credits and Deductions: We’ll ensure you take full advantage of available tax credits and deductions.
Amendment Assistance: If needed, we’ll examine prior-year tax returns to determine if amendments are necessary.
Withholding Tax Exemptions Certificates: We assist businesses to obtain withholding exemptions from the GRA

Remember, our goal is to make your tax experience seamless and financially advantageous. Feel free to reach out for personalized assistance!

Corporate Tax Individual Tax Indirect Taxes

In order to achieve your financial objectives, we combine practical experience with a proactive attitude when it comes to company and corporate tax. Regarding company taxes, our team of experts works to guarantee Ghana Revenue Authority's (GRA) compliance by assisting you in obtaining the lowest possible tax liability and filing returns and answers.

In addition, we assist businesses in checking their tax positions, filing returns and making payments.

When it comes time to file their annual taxes, a lot of self-employed people and employees get nervous and scared. Filing tax returns can often result in tax savings by allowing you to deduct certain expenses from the tax owed on earnings. Nevertheless, there is frequently confusion regarding whether expenses are truly deductible and to what amount.

You've put forth a lot of effort to reach your objectives. Allow us to assist you in maintaining your success by taking a coordinated strategy to increasing and safeguarding your wealth. Our team of experts evaluates your existing financial situation and customizes services for high-net-worth clients like you.

Indirect taxes in Ghana comprises of the Value Added Tax (VAT) - standard and flat rate, Communication Service Tax (CST), The Withholding Tax on goods, services and works, Custom duties and many others.

We help you know and understand each of these indirect taxes and how to be compliant to the requirements of the law.

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